The Research Behind the Results

PLTMax® was the result of research and development in the Human Cell Therapy Lab, a cGMP cell therapy facility at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

The development of PLTMax© arose from the need to find a suitable cGMP alternative to fetal bovine serum. PLTMax® was not just a substitute, but a far superior alternative to FBS and most serum free commercial solutions. 

PLTMax® in the Clinic

PLTMax® is being used around the world to grow cells for clinical use. PLTMax® has been in use in the clinic since 2008, and has been in Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III clinical trials using bone marrow and adipose derived MSC. Click here for links to PLTMax® used in clinical trials.

The Science behind PLTMax®

Cells grown in PLTMax® (at half the concentration of fetal bovine serum) double in half the time.

PLTMax®, the first human platelet lysate on the market, is backed by almost 10 years of research with these key findings:

  • PLTMax® demonstrates 3X faster growth rate and is cytogenetically more stable than FBS
  • PLTMax® demonstrates faster growth kinetics than human AB serum or FBS
  • PLTMax® does not require additional tissue culture wear treatment
  • PLTMax® requires reduced supplementation (typically 5% vol/vol)
  • PLTMax® has more than 100 growth factors
  • PLTMax® requires addition of anti-coagulant (typically heparin sulfate) to prevent clotting factor activation
  • Clotting factor activation (precipitates both large and small) do not interfere with the PLTMax® activity and allow unique formats for cell growth


What is this stuff anyway?


We make PLTMax®, our human platelet lysate, from human platelets that were intended for use in hospitals. That is our starting material. Donor units are pooled in large batch sizes and manufactured according to our proprietary methods to produce a consistent product. PLTMax® is a commercially available, consistent and reliable alternative to lab-based platelet lysate.

Let PLTMax® work for you!

A media supplement with proven growth and cellular kinetic properties.

This natural product derived from human platelets is animal serum-free offering unparalleled cell growth for stem cells.

Click here for References using PLTMax®


PLTMax® successfully replaces FBS! 

brown cowNo more fetal bovine serum! 

Mill Creek Life Sciences was founded on the premise that a media supplement must be available that was better than fetal bovine serum. When we couldn't find one, we made our own. We developed a whole new approach to media supplements for clinical use of HUMAN cells by using HUMAN derived protein supplements. Mill Creek is pioneering new ways to improve the speed, fidelity and flexibility in cell culture.