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Product Type Grade Volume Catalog Number


(contains/requires heparin)

Research 27 mL PLTMax27R
Research 100 mL PLTMax100R
Research 500 mL PLTMax500R
Clinical 27 mL PLTMax27GMP
Clinical 100 mL PLTMax100GMP
Clinical 500 mL PLTMax500GMP



Research 27 mL PLTGold27R
Research 100 mL PLTGold100R
Research 500 mL PLTGold500R
Clinical 27 mL PLTGold27GMP
Clinical 100 mL PLTGold100GMP
Clinical 500 mL PLTGold500GMP


(contains/requires heparin,

gamma irradiated)

Clinical 27 mL PLTMax27GMP-GI
Clinical 100 mL PLTMax100GMP-GI
Clinical 500 mL PLTMax500GMP-GI



gamma irradiated)

Clinical 27 mL PLTGold27GMP-GI
Clinical 100 mL PLTGold100GMP-GI
Clinical 500 mL PLTGold500GMP-GI



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