Quality: The Best Reason to Choose Us!

We KNOW quality. We are QUALITY by design. We EXPECT your quality inquiries. We are here to SUPPORT your trial. You can go into that trial knowing that you are using the highest quality media supplement.

Mill Creek Life Sciences is dedicated to QUALITY — our roots are cGMP processing!


We are a company dedicated to providing quality media supplements to help your trial succeed. cGMP media supplements are our ONLY business and we are driven to provide the best and highest quality products to support your clinical research. We have been site audited multiple times by some of the best commercial processors in the business. We maintain the highest standards and interpretation of the regulations and have been used in products around the world. We are dedicated to providing only the best for you and your patients. Site visit if you must, or send us a questionnaire; whatever your quality policies advise, we are ready for it.

  • Mill Creek Life Sciences is certified to ISO 9001:2015.
  • We have been site audited and passed cGMP inspections multiple times by major commercial bioprocessors and biotech firms.
  • We welcome your on-site quality audit, your quality questionnaire, or anything we can do to meet your quality requirements.
  • We meet all USP and/or follow all FDA cGMP guidelines.
  • We are managed under a total quality management plan.
  • We maintain retention samples for all lots for quality look back or customer issues.
  • We have an integrated partnership with the suppliers of our platelets to assure provenance and quality of our major ingredient.
  • We have a lot reserve program to allow customers to qualify and use from single lots if necessary.
  • Our products have been used in clinical trials in North America, Europe, South America, Middle East, Asia and Australia. Thus, our products have been through every major regulatory agency in the world without issue.
  • We have centralized manufacturing to reduce lot to lot variation.

Mill Creek Life Sciences was founded to serve the clinical need for a safe, powerful and cost effective media supplement solution. OUR SOLE FOCUS is to help get cell based therapies to the clinic. We UNDERSTAND that human platelet lysate is a key ingredient to many new and potentially efficacious therapies for devastating diseases. WE DEDICATE OURSELVES to providing a quality product to move your therapy forward.