With the increasing interest and utilization of human cellular therapy, PLTMax® meets the need for a cell culture supplement that is animal serum-free and cost effective. PLTMax® meets this criterion with a proven track record in clinical use.

About PLTMax®

PLTMaxWe make PLTMax® from human platelets that were intended for use in hospitals. That is our starting material. Donor units are pooled in large batch sizes and manufactured according to our proprietary methods to produce a consistent product. PLTMax® is a commercially available human platelet lysate, consistent and reliable alternative to lab-based platelet lysate.

Benefits of PLTMax®
  • More cost effective alternative to serum free media
  • Human product for human cells
  • Provides an optimal environment for cell culture and drug discovery
  • Manufactured to reduce lot-to-lot variation
  • Increased cell growth kinetics (reduced cell doubling time)
  • Reduced supplementation (5% PLTMax® compared to FBS and Human AB Serum)
  • Contains growth factors and proteins that maximize MSC growth
  • Enhances genetic stability in MSC cultures
  • Used effectively to grow not only human cells, but also xenogeneic MSC including rabbit and porcine
PLTMax® is available in both clinical and research grades

PLTMax® Clinical Grade

Manufactured under cGMP conditions. Manufactured for use in cGMP compliant cell culture SOPs. Not for direct human use. Available in 27mL, 100mL, and 500mL bottles. Sample aliquots available for testing in your specific conditions. Lot reservations are available.

PLTMax® Research Grade

 Manufactured to meet the needs of research and development. Manufacturing methods are consistent with our Clinical Grade assuring you an easy transition to clinical manufacturing as you move your protocol to the clinic.

PLTMax® used in Clinical Trials

Used in more Phase I to Phase III trials — treating more patients than any other platelet lysate in the world!

PLTMax® has a proven track record of clinical use. It has been used to grow cells that have been used in hundreds of patients around the world. PLTMax® is used as a manufacturing component in the generation of adult stems cells in clinical trials in North America, Europe, South America, Middle East, Asia and Australia (Phase I to Phase III) in indications including neurology, nephrology, gastrointestinal disease, wound repair and cardiology.

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