Mayo Clinic Ventures

Bringing Mayo Clinic inventions to the marketplace to improve medicine for the benefit of patients worldwide.

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Mayo Clinic Ventures

About Mayo Clinic Ventures

Mayo Clinic Ventures is responsible for commercializing Mayo Clinic’s intellectual property and is uniquely qualified to respond to the call for the advancement of health-related technologies. As a global leader in the delivery of whole-person health care, Mayo is involved in the comprehensive landscape of human disease. We develop, manage, protect and license technology that saves lives and advances patient care.

Why do business with Mayo Clinic Ventures

Some of the medical advancements most widely used throughout the world have been developed at Mayo Clinic. Nearly every MRI machine contains Mayo Clinic technology. Mayo Clinic holds the patent for the assay-of-choice to diagnose vitamin D deficiency and monitor treatment results. Mayo Clinic was awarded a Nobel Prize for discoveries that led to the isolation and first use of cortisone.

For 150 years, Mayo Clinic has produced meaningful and measurable changes in providing top-tier, best practices in medicine. We are the largest private, integrated group practice of medicine in the world, with more than 6,200 physicians, scientists, residents, fellows and students in every medical specialty. We improve medical science, solve medical problems and provide whole-person care to patients worldwide. We have all the collective wisdom of Mayo to solve complex problems and advance medical science. We want to share Mayo Clinic resources and technology to benefit patients and medicine.

Mayo Clinic Ventures’ mission

We serve Mayo Clinic’s moral responsibility to medicine by finding partners that can bring Mayo’s inventions to the marketplace, where they can be used to improve medicine everywhere. Our mission is straightforward: Commercialize Mayo Clinic technologies for the benefit of patients worldwide while generating revenue to support clinical practice, research and education at Mayo Clinic.

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